Tehertaxi – Parcel delivery – Truck Rental – Low Cost Removals


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The Union wants to increase the load range of the services do, thinking of the lower-paid people, the move to the new workers abroad, and the smaller, költözőkre to kalákában.

The tehertaxi service, truck rental service and a reasonable price, you can get low cost vans in our company relocation, furgonokhoz, cars.

We have no deposit, weekend surcharge, hidden prices.

Tehertaxi service for those who have 2-3 pieces of furniture, household machines, barkácsboltokból, bútoráruházakból (door, window, the building material, blockboard production etc.), ordered to escort all furniture.

Transport, transport operations, bútorszállítást fixed price, skilled handlers solve,

In Budapest, Hungary, Pest County and territory.

Szállítóbrigádjaink trained and rigorously during the move.
Rakodóink is the smallest to largest work, the same care.

There is no emeletdíj and weekend extra, removals, the carriage, bútorszállítását immediately learn to solve.


Truck – Van – car rental


Our multiple types and sizes of trucks and furgonokat can provide a car with driver, prospective customers.
Our fleet consists of technically fully complies with EU standards.
Have a Hungarian and Austrian motorway sticker, and last year, the Austrian environmental permit required.



Cargo dimensions :
Ford Transit curtainsider truck 3,5 ton : 4,80 x 2,20 x 2,20
Ford Transit curtainsider truck 3,5 ton : 4,80 x 2,40 x 2,20
Ford Transit van and a closed 3,5 ton : 3,50 x 1,70 x 1,80
Mercedes Vitó closed van 2,5 ton : 2,30 x 1,60 x 1,35

Teherautóink, furgonjaink are in, regular szervizeltek.
We have domestic and international carriers licensed, so the trucks to transport the rented car with driver for all Member State of the Union.
We recommend : removal service in Budapest, International removals, furniture transportation abroad, parcel delivery, parcel delivery abroad, Small furniture delivery, etc..
Sofőreink reliable, admissions and stayed.
Great experience in national and international transport operations, transport.


Low Cost Removals – Tehertaxi


No need to trailer for rent, There is no deposit and weekend extra.
Low cost moving services at the best prices in Budapest, both domestically and abroad.
We are providing you with a 3,5 ton truck with driver, and you leave the loading.
Prepare in advance for the furniture and packages, the truck arrives and you kihordják the trucks.
The driver of the truck elpakol, and so you can quickly start the dump location.
You can save a lot of the low-cost költöztetésnél, because you don't have to pay separately for the loaders.






Airport Shuttle – passenger transport – parcel delivery

Fast, flexible and discreet airport shuttle, passenger services in Budapest, both domestically and in the European Union.
Modern and comfortable Mercedes will be delivered you a romantic személyautónkkal, a friend or family member.
We have no unpleasant surprises, because only the prearranged amount to pay.
The number of persons transported 4 main, plus 2-3 suitcases, carry-on baggage.

In the case of more than one suitcase or luggage we recommend Renault Espace személyautónkat.


This type of 10 to 15 pieces of luggage and hand luggage lényelmésen solved.
The Renault Espace we see személyautónkkal delivery, dispatch, apartments to rent without furniture removals.
We have the full range of residential services at our customers, every day of the week.
The Union always tries to Load, throughout history they have in place for our customers to be satisfied with our services, widen the scope and quality of our services.

The customer's load-Union is the most important !