Specifically the EU burden of domestic and international removals, specialized transport company, close 15 years successfully, thousands of smaller and larger removals, transport operations, transport have solved. The success of our business is primarily the szállítómunkásoknak, and due to the drivers. They are the ones, who meet every day with our clients and ensure a high quality service of our company. Need Szállítómunkásaink clean, admissions, I stayed and work energetically. Since thousands are migrating have solved problems, so rakodóink trained and routinely solve the task entrusted to them. They have great experience in the delicate antique furniture, piano, also the transport of upright pianos. In addition to the familiar Bútorszállításon the furniture apart and professional sectors is also, why you pluszköltsége there is no. Upon request, professionally and quickly resolve for you packaging, my free boxes, that's what we offer you.

Tehergépjárműveink hardly used, * and in full compliance with the EU requirements. GPS in them, hand truck, Cordless screwdriver, shrink film, adhesive tape, fixative belt, strap, straps, cardboard sheets, plastic bag, quilts, plaids, tool set. Bemehetünk anywhere with them, There are no long, won't surprise us. So long distances can be delivered safely and flexibly.

We will give everyone a personalized quote, taking into account the specific needs, conditions, the amount of furniture to be moved, the removal costs during, services, special tasks (Piano – pianínószállítás). We offer a fixed price for each case, at the end of which the removal does not change. There are no hidden prices, According to the agreement, the payment every day ....

Our company has licensed domestic and international carriers, and of course, we are számlaképesek. We have more order, so the transport, removals exactly and in time we can solve. Goods vehicles 3,5 and 7,5 We can provide in tonnes. However, together with partner company 12 and 24 We can also order serve tonnes. Fully equipped Teherautóink, and comply with EU standards. Each truck is moving, quilts, plaids, among the furniture kartonlemezek, adhesive strips, stretching foil, Cordless screwdriver, fixative belt, straps, tension bets to record the furniture is safe, for the transport of.

We offer you the customer the most important!

Have a nice day, We wish everyone good health and!


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