If International Removals – Transportation – then : Union Load

Specifically the EU burden of domestic and international removals, specialized transport company. Tehergépjárműveink were also fitted with this task, so long distances can be delivered safely and flexibly.

International költöztetésnél, transport in the Union from the packaging of the munkafelméréstől, Thereafter, professional truck, up the highway, kapudíjig, kompdíjig, the landfill in the furniture, movable flat hordásáig settles.

When moving to the Union without exception, all of the International Load shrink protective. The antique furniture, paintings, air-cushion and habfóliába structures, or plédekbe, thick paplanokba, Pack.

The rakodóink can be mounted onto furniture trained professionally packaging, fractions of fóliázzák, and the landfill can also professionally installed. So after a long journey, furniture arrive safe and sound, and more space left in the truck. Of course we can provide packaging materials, even the moving boxes also. So take off the shoulders the burden of, as an international költözésnél you the smaller concern is greater, to dobozokért, fóliáért neighbors ' agreement.
If the customer requires, We welcome you to the kicsomagolást, furniture Assembly, washing machines putting.

The munkafelmérés in Budapest and is free of charge, would be happy to go out into the megrendelőinkhez, the meeting is very important. You travel abroad, Hungary and abroad shall be sent to the költözésnél be moved to list of things. And exactly in the order and the address of the site locations, the customer's phone number, contact information.

We hope that we could provide to help you, and it can decide which company to choose. The EU is the most important to the customer always Load!

Vállalkozásunknál everyone strives to quickly, accurately and professionally solve the task entrusted to us, the customer satisfaction.

It does matter, to whom they entrust the values, chattels. Beginners should not risk!