The Union's Load as full relocation, tehertaxi service, bútorszállítással is available, that is why we feel our job to think about you, ensure the appropriate quality cartons, packaging film, adhesive tape, void-fill material.

The packaging, Assembly is described in detail under what must be wary of moving in, What do you how to Pack, This again now not discussed.

chairs sztreccsfóliával Spary

What is the point of, the weddings, ( removal service in Budapest – domestic removals, international removals, removals packing ) We provide you with free moving boxes, and the delicate, upholstery furniture ( mattress-bed-double bed-chairs-antique furniture ) sztreccsfóliát.

All költözésnél, and it is all teherautónkon stretching foil, adhesive tape.

Költözésnél within the moving boxes in Budapest would be happy to distribute to you. This requires, that when they are cleared after the removal 1-2 week shall be returned to, What elszállítunk.

moving boxes to ensure

International költöztetésnél, from the largest to the smallest bútortól, without exception, everything grows sztreccsfóliával, you like this free.

antique furniture packed
antique furniture packaging

Antique furniture, piano , pianínót blankets to duvets, protecting, Hey, the things that sztreccsfóliával.

So we give you full protection, the antique furniture to be moved, precious learned to.

upright piano, packed in transport

Paintings, sculptures , works of art are necessary for the transport of special packaging materials, What we charge you the purchase price.

( air-bubble film, foam sheet, void-fill materials, void-fill pillows, etc. )

You will be informed of the free munkafelmérésnél special packaging materials prices..