The packaging and installation of the furniture, preparation of the transport is very important. Should not be taken as half shoulder. If you are not properly packed the stuff, You may be injured, the damage arises. And if you packed, but it is not properly, or if you're not up, how fragile is the boxes, the responsibility is yours. Now we want a couple of good advice, the packaging, preparing for the delivery of furniture. The garments are to be put in bags, but preferably strong, extra strong bags are. You can buy affordable vacuum storage bag, putting up 60 %-more space can be at a premium. The boxes can pack books, technical equipment, fragile things, tiny, Dinnerware set, cutlery. You can buy boxes of different size and strength, But if you can get hold of the zöldségestől banana boxes, I assure you of the best! Now 15 years of use, and yet nobody complained about, that damaged something inside. The fragility of things before the box would, wrap it in, paper, textilbe, habfóliába or air-bubble foils. Do not feel sorry for the money on these free, a Herend, Kitchen Žilina region does not come cheap, but a computer monitor, Home Theater, audio device not. When the boxes packing, be sure to, move it to do things. The top cartons absolute write it, What to include. If you have books to pack up the banana boxes, You must take care, that shall be. If you have filled in the boxes, in the bottom of boxes is more resistant. The tv, You should monitor your own box delivered, If you don't have, You can get cardboard, place plédbe and fóliázzuk in. The condenser, a washing machine with a duvet, and protect, that inadvertently damage. Delivery of the furniture also requires greater care. The current page-mounted furniture, especially if you are larger than, split with mounted. While these do not have the furniture, weak, easily damaged. The smaller plate mounted furniture (Shoe cabinet, bedside table, smaller shelves) pretty plédbe and foil körbetekerni. The older type of furniture do not in many cases can be disassembled, and it is not worth. If you showcase your wardrobe, or sideboard Cabinet, You can take DSC04442the üvegpolcokat, or sliding glass front. They pack up and send, secure sites! Then you need to be fitted with handles, the keys should be taken and blanket, duvet to protect the painted parts, What we record with the cupboards one picture, furniture. In any case, the upholstery stuff with bots – sofa set, mattress, double bed, armchairs – not koszolódjanak, damage. This will take time, but the only way we can guarantee the shipment, költöztetésért. Zongoraszállításnál, pianínószállításnál was designed specifically for experienced, We use experienced szállítómunkásokat. Great care, and physical preparation. In all cases, the transport of the instruments plaids and film also used, the random scratches, to avoid injuries.

They work according to the, We work. Not only did we, You can verify about all this, If you choose us. In fact, We can also provide boxes free of charge, What we deliver in time before moving, and after moving, When they are packed, also pick up, free of charge, This is the only condition, to choose us. And the same applies to fóliázásra as well. If you choose us, It is also free of charge. If you do not want to, She moved to the, transportation nightmare should be, You can feel free to call us at.