International and domestic transport, removal service in Budapest, The green part and the country any day of the week, both private and corporate clients. The munkafelmérés in Budapest and is free of charge. Specific needs – individual prices! You Tehertaxi service, airport shuttle service, and we can also provide our low cost removals.

Relocation Advice – Tips

In the days before the removal quite stressed out, Therefore, before to do a list of the most important action to be. In any event, you need strong boxes, that even heavy books or even glasses, Dinnerware set packaged.

According to the experience, any interesting banana box is the best. If you place it on the top of, It will be the side with double thickness and books cannot be túlpakolni.
The boxes should preferably be numbered, and write them, What to include. If fragile things are sure certainly write it.
The fragile and vulnerable things to be packed (foam sheet, air-bubble film, paper) .
The clothes can be made with a nylon bag, It is the thicker, stronger variety to choose from.

If you have to move to, selejtezzen, get rid of unnecessary and wonders ..... You have you don't need, If necessary, give away to your friends, giving to the needy, great for families, or just give away.

The removal time is influenced by many things, the distance to the parking lot is packed, the weak can be mounted onto furniture are the size of this font, furniture or even a lift access. It is very important to be as close as possible to the parking lot to the building, entrance.
You should be given. Inform the common representative, the lakótársait movement, transport, because this may cause inconveniences.

The large, plate for mounting of furniture necessarily expertly, shall be stripped!

These are the kind of furniture the most vulnerable, and the least able to transport – moving from one. Szétszedéskor of all protruding things need, hinge, handles etc.. On request we solve these professional Assembly apart, or, packaging.
Antique furniture, piano, pianínót, mat, üllőgarnitúrát, Double, painting, mirror, antikvitást, etc., stretch film protecting the Fund free of charge! In addition, paplanba, plédekbe Pack, that inadvertently koszolódjanak, damage.

The House of the költöztetéskor, the relocation of route kid, dog, cat is not, because it slows down the work, to avoid getting them, and extremely dangerous. Költöztetéskor values, jewellery collection, Bank statement, credit cards, credit cards, clock, cash, medical findings, , etc.. Special Pack. Keep, refl, and the best solution, If you personally deliver.
In a separate bag, suitcase, take 1-2 daily underwear, socks, t-shirt, most clothes, courtesy products, toothpaste, medications, that these do not get discovered for hours after removal.

The washing machine must be fitted before delivery, and dry substance content has to be. If you cannot solve this, ask the szállítómunkásainkat, to do this take. In the case of on-demand, the new location can be installed, delivery free of charge at fóliázzuk.

Refrigerators must be thawed before shipping, because during transport, leolvadhat, and the lorry drenches your skin with boxes, furniture. In the case of on-demand, If advance, the fagyasztórész is full, and you can not solve the storage of frozen foods, transport, You can solve the total kilometres travelled loaded for transport refrigeration. Moving to fóliázzuk free of charge.
The plants on the move, prior to delivery 2 days don't they have been pouring. The virágtartóládából, the kaspóból spout water contaminate the furniture, chattels. In winter, delicate plants must be taken out of the trucks for the last time, and the landfill was the first to enter the.

Upon request, the very delicate plants, air cushion foil to protect, Please, to advance.

Electric stove, chandelier, heat stove etc.. installation specialist! Dangerous accident, and may be harmful to your health! Indicate, If you are unable to resolve, you reasonable price, számlaképes electrician we megcsináltatjuk.

International költöztetéskor, transport, without exception, all, protecting the sztreccsfóliával at no extra charge. From the autópályadíjtól international költöztetésnél kompdíjig, We organize everything we kapudíjig, There is no handling fee.

The transport is free of charge, we can tape, foil and cans to ensure, the point is, that when they are packed in boxes, shall be returned to them.

We hope, that we were able to help you, and useful advice.

If you have any questions about this relocation, transport, Please, indicate.